Wednesday, June 11, 2014

You Didn't Know

The experience of having encountered a person who has told you what your priority should be. At time they are people who tells you the kind of risk you are getting into. Sometimes, it makes you want to drive up the wall, but all I can do is smile and let go and move on in doing what I really intent to.

1. You did not raise me so you don't know my background and why I'm passionate about wanting to learn stock market trading and investing. and making money out of it.

2. My children are precious to me and I want them to have a better future. I may not be rich right now, but I wish them to be better than me at what I do or don't do. 

3. You didn't know that I once walked down the street like a headless chicken, when my dad was sick in the hospital and we didn't have money to pay for his treatment. I was trying to get some help from someone or from heaven so I can have him treated by a doctor and not being taken for granted at the emergency room of a public hospital.

4. You didn't know what it feels like to have a widowed mother who lives her life from hand to mouth. Although she tries to make a living for herself, it aches my heart that she is too old for it and that I need to help her myself. Sometimes I wish she knew better when she still had the opportunity to invest for her own retirement. The sad part is, she did not have even one bit of retirement fund, and so she may have to rely on me when the time comes.

5. You didn't know what it feels like to have the freedom to be with your loved ones or just be on vacation without having to worry where to get the fund for that luxury. It's because you've never been there, but I know somebody who has and I'm going to follow his footsteps.

6. You didn't know how my parents previous money mistakes has affected me and the life of my brother. We were left with nothing.

7. Perhaps you grew up with real good food always on the table. You didn't know what it feels like to reach a point in your life here there's no food to put on the table because I got no money to buy it. I don't want that to ever happen again.

8.You don't know what it's like to be kicked out from your place because your parents can't afford to pay the mortgages anymore. And you'd have to transfer from private school to public school because your parents can't afford to fund for your exclusive education.

These are just some of the things that you don't know about me. That being said I am a rebel, and if I am in your opinion, so let it be. All I can do is ignore you. After all, the crazy ones are the ones that usually makes the difference.

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