Thursday, June 5, 2014

Due Diligence Part 1

Since the ongoing topic between me and my husband lately is about stocks investing and trading, he asked me last Sunday morning;

 "If you rate yourself from 1-10 about your trading knowledge in stocks, how do you asses yourself?".
 "The more I know, the more I don't know I said, maybe I'm at 2!" I answered.

My portfolio was all red that bull Friday last, which did not make me very happy. After church on Sunday, I was on private FB message with maestro Tony, I show him what I have on my port and asked him for some advice on what to do to keep a winning position.

He advised not to have more than 4 stocks as a newbie trader. Even the good ones like Juanis Barredo of COL Financial confessed he only managed 3 stocks on his personal portfolio at a time. I mean I liked the companies I bought, but it's just not balanced at all. I have too many companies and so little fund on my investments.

I did as he said the following Monday, I sold $MPI, $SMC, $SMPH, and $TFHI. Transferred all my cash to $House, kept $MEG and $DD. I was also advised to buy $NICKL but my buying power is not enough anymore. 

Two days past not a lot of movements, but the market prices are even lower than my base for $MEG and $DD..

Yesterday was the day I decided to sell my $MEG and $DD for $HOUSE. Now I have the, "So, this is what it feels like," moment. To have the stock in red and my port is green. It's 3:18 on my clock, for $HOUSE the price I'm looking at is 2.71% higher than my base. The goal now is to keep the average away from the market value.

My point, It's only been three weeks since I started trading. Besides this, I'm also doing my own researches and homework, the reason why I sleep late at night. It was Robert Kiyosaki who said, that in order to be successful, one must give Due Diligence to the things one is interested in. That's just what I'm doing and there's still a lot to learn. 



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