Monday, May 6, 2013

Awesome Heber J. Grant Story

Heber J. Grant

President Grant tells the following experience in his own words regarding how the Lord blesses us when we keep his commandments and rely on his divine help.
“‘I remember as a young man I had $50.00 in my pocket on one occasion which I intended to deposit in the bank. When I went on Thursday morning to fast meeting—the fast meeting used to be held on Thursdays instead of Sundays—and the bishop made an appeal for a donation, I walked up and handed him the $50.00. He took five of it and put it in the drawer and gave the $45.00 back to me and said that was my full share.
“‘I said, “Bishop Woolley, by what right do you rob me of putting the Lord in my debt? Didn’t you preach here today that the Lord rewards fourfold? My mother is a widow, and she needs $200.00.”
“‘He said, “My boy, do you believe that if I take this other $45.00, you will get your $200.00 quicker?”
“‘I said: “Certainly.”
“‘Well, he took it.
“‘While walking from fast meeting to the place where I worked, an idea popped into my head. I sent a telegram to a man asking him how many bonds of a certain kind he would buy at a specified price within forty-eight hours. … He wired back that he wanted as many as I could get. My profit on that transaction was $218.50.
“‘The next day I walked down to the bishop and said: “Bishop, I made $218.50 after paying that $50.00 donation the other day and so I owe $21.85 in tithing. I will have to dig up the difference between $21.85 and $18.50. The Lord did not quite give me the tithing in addition to a four to one increase”’” (Presidents of the Church [Religion 345 student manual], pp. 176–77).
Notes from the blogger:
Our Relief Society lesson last Sunday was about Temporal and Spiritual Self Reliance, I believe this story is one perfect example.

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