Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Embracing Chaos

Sometimes, people tell you things without even knowing why you do what you do. It has been my everyday consciously and sub-consciously battle.

My husband once told me, he is not comfortable with my flexibility. That is because he is a linear thinker. What can I do? He grew up that way. His dad's a government employee and his mom a housewife, taking care of him and his other four siblings. Me on the other hand grew up in  a chaotic background. Sometimes I wonder how my mom did it but she did. She's the more chaotic one than my dad. Sometimes in her business endeavors she would get into trouble whether in financial or with one of her employees or clients and still she emerges well, or sometimes not so victorious but she is still there.I didn't like it at first.I thought some thing can still be done to keeps things in order but it just isn't.

I learned more about embracing chaos when I served in Temple Square. TMSQ is a highly structuredenvironment for a mission to begin with but also very chaotic when in operation. Just kike the stock market, learning about Fundamental and Technical Analysis is very structured but during the trading hours, everything seems to be chaotic. It's because of all these numbers and then there's noise and hyping coming from other traders. It's crazy!

But I'm not giving up! It's a battle field out there and there's so much to learn and so much to miss if I don't take the risk. So embrace chaos and risk on! Caveat!

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