Monday, June 24, 2013

Financial Wealth Calculator

Last night while browsing the website for The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-Day Saints, I went to check the page for provident living.

As I said before, or church is not just all about aleluiah! We are taught in terms of spiritual and temporal matters, and I was happy to find that there is  financial calculator on our church's website, in which I feel I ought to share.

This is for anyone who'd like to know how much they need to save, invest and paying off debt. I'm glad that there are help we can get in order for us to be financially self reliant. Here is the link:

Check it out! With careful planning, you can map out your financial future with your family and be happy!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Five (5) Tips to Successful Online Marketing

It's been a while I haven't blogged since after finding out about my pregnancy. Once again, 2nd pregnancy is taking it's toll but it's not as bad as the 1st. At least that is something to be glad about.

Also, another thing to be glad about is a guest post. this is coming from a friend who makes money from home. His name is Christian George Acevedo, Also a blogger himself likes to share to the online income earners wannabees the secrets to a successful online marketing.

Presenting his guest post:

5 Tips to Successful Internet Marketing – Best Approaches to Running an Online Business Empire
Do you want to know the difference between struggling online entrepreneurs and those that are enjoying success with their online business empire? If yes, the simple answer is effective internet marketing. If you are planning to enter the online business industry as well, keep in mind these 5 tips to successful internet marketing.

1. Focus on One Effective Strategy at a Time
Don’t try to do everything at once. One of the main reasons why many online entrepreneurs are struggling is because they try to implement as much strategies as they can at the same time. What you should do in order to avoid this from happening to you is to focus on one effective internet marketing strategy at a time. Make the strategy work for you before moving on.

2. Test Everything and Track Every Aspect of your Business
Another great approach to running an online business empire is to make sure that you know every aspect, whether big or small, about your business. How does this work? Keep track of your campaigns. Find out which are working and which are failing. Put money into those that are working and spend less on those that are failing.

3. Be Proactive
Keep it a point to test new things constantly in order to develop and make improvements in your business. Do not just wait for good things to come, you should make them happen. Being proactive is a crucial part of running any business, may it be physical or a web-based one. Do not let failures keep you down. Think of these as a way for you to know what to avoid the next time you plan on implementing a new campaign or strategy for your online business empire.

4. Continuously Generate Leads
Another reason why many online entrepreneurs are having a hard time is because they focus solely on making profits rather than creating good working relationships with consumers. While being profitable is one of your priorities, there are a lot of situations wherein it is better for you to generate leads. Cultivate and improve your relationship with your clients. This way, you will be able to keep their loyalty, which they are highly likely to extend to their family or their friends.

5. Feed Consumers with what they Need and Want
Last, but not the least, is to always make it a point to give consumers what they want and what they need. They will not take notice of you and your business if you are providing something that they are not interested in or that they will not really have any use for. Fresh, useful, pertinent, relevant, and unique information will make them interested in you. And when you more that meet the demands of your clientele, it’s very easy to build your online business empire.
About the guest blogger:
Christian George Acevedo has been writing online since 2008. Currently, he is blogging for, the website of a renowned Canadian online marketer, who has already built numerous companies and earned a fortune at a young age.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mighty Change of Mind: A Personal Finance Paradigm Shift

This may be a late update but, I just want to jot down the success of our Saturday's activity, June 9, 2013:
Our guest speaker being Mr. Tom Tandog, an Associate Financial Planner and Senor Marketing Director for IMG - Wealth Academy. Part of the lecture was also conducted by Bong Sanchez, President for The Academy for Creating Enterprise, Angeles Stake Chapter. 

From there, we learn about how to change our mindset about money. Now, why is this important? It is because many people though that getting rich can only happen if you get to be lucky in terms of heirloom or hitting a lottery jackpot, other think its investing but they don't know how and where to invest their money. This often leads to being scammed. During the said event we were taught the right way of budgeting which leads to proper saving and investing of our money in legal entities that can guarantee us our return on investments. 

The program was also in line with the letter of the First Presidency for this year, regarding sound investments:

Everything in the announcement agenda has been covered during the seminar, including some introductions to legal publicly listed investments such as bonds, mutual funds, insurances and stocks. What a great way to be taught and refreshed on what were suppose to do in order to achieve self sufficiency and reliance the way our Father in Heaven wants us be. It's one of the ways to build Zion.

Friday, June 7, 2013

"Carpe Diem!" But, What if Your Opportunity Isn't Available to you?

What if something that you've wanted all your life seems to be too far away from you grasp? What do you do?

I once read a story about a little girl who was about  to start pre-school. Her mother, who always believed her daughter is a smart little girl took her to an exclusive pre-school where she believed can provide the best education for her with all the other smart little kids.

As part of the enrollment procedure, a school administrator would have to interview the little girl before they can decide whether the little girl is qualified to be one of the school's pupil.

During the interview the little girl was shown different colors of crayons on the table and was asked to pick the color she likes and write her name on a sheet of paper provided her.

After the interview was over, the school administrator had to tell the little girl's mother that her daughter isn't qualified to get into pre-school yet. and that they'll have to wait the next year and be interview again to make sure that the little girl is ready for school.

The little girl's mother felt disappointed. On their way home she asked the little girl what happened and why she did not pass to qualify into pre-school.

The little girl told her  that she was made to write her name on a piece of paper, using the crayons on the table. The mother said, "Well, I'm confident that you can do that because you know how to write and spell your name. Why, didn't you do it?

The little girl replied; "My favorite color is pink. Color pink is not among the crayons so I didn't do it!"


My take:

In our lives, It is of course a wonderful gift to have the things we want the most; but sometimes the things we aspire the most are the things that are mostly out of our reach.

Sometimes we blame other people or circumstances. Sometimes we use excuses:
"If only my parents can afford to send me to school..."
"If only I hadn't been sick, then I would have gotten the lead role for the play...
"I wanted to be a doctor but my financial budget can only cover for a two year course...
And on, and on....

Things happen not of course for just no reason at all. It may either be because of our circumstance or our lack of opportunity taking. In the story the girl knows how to write her name, but she was not able to pass the opportunity to start school just because the color she wanted to write it with is not available. Remember Maria from the Sound of Music, when she was sent from out of the Abbey to be a Nanny, said she, "When the Lord closes the door, somewhere he opens the window"

Do we really see which window is being opened for us? It is our responsibility to look around and find out the windows of opportunity. It is the time to practice the virtue of being flexible in many things, and make the most of our time if ever we don't get what we want. We ought to consider a better alternative. It may be heartbreaking at first, but one simply can't quit. Those who do, will never get another chance. 

Take for example in Entrepreneurship. Many people would agree that the only way to be financially free in life is to do business. But many fall into a trap in what we call the "entrepreneurial seizure." Why? because, the truth about doing business is that it's not easy and that some business take time to grow before an entrepreneur could say that he was already able to get his return of investments. Sometimes it even takes years. So the aspiring entrepreneur who once was an employee quits his entrepreneurial dream and goes back to the corporate world working for somebody else.

If we want to be successful, this is the best time to act and be not acted upon. We may encounter different circumstances in our lives, but how we act on our circumstances can bring us success, only if we are able to see that one closed door means another opened window.One can't just stand and let an opportunity pass him by just because what he wanted isn't the way that it looks with what's in front of us. Success does take a lot of work at the start. 

I hope the story inspired you as it did to me and may we all make the most of what life throws us. So, seize the day! You'll never know!