Why Bountiful Basics?

There is this book that I use to read about the history of a family who lived in Ancient Jerusalem and traveled to the Ancient American continent to find a place to live. During their travel, they came to a place where they resided for a while, they called the place Bountiful, because it was in abundance of food and necessities. That is where I got the name of this blog from. The word Basics was added because in order for anyone to be bountiful, they first need to learn the basics, then after that you can move forward. Kind of like the Gospel, we learn line upon line, and precept upon precept until things will be added upon and then later comes progression.

For some years now, many people are into blogging about many different topics. As I browse through the world wide web, I noticed that most bloggers  would blog about celebrities, movies, travel, food and some blogs are about the blogger's personal life, and family. Others would blog about their business. I'd like to blog about anything that interests me that includes personal finance, savings and investment. I guess I just want to remind myself over and over again about our financial goals for the future.

Bountiful Basics was created for the intention of sharing basic information that to me is valuable. As far as I have been able to realize, the posts that I've created on this blog are the usual things I use to think and talk about a lot about. My husband can attest to that, and I don't know if he gets tired of hearing from me about it but sometimes he does give his own comments on our discussions at home but, oh well...


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