Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday Take Aways

Recently on TAP there's a guy who is 8 months old into trading and made his first million. On the thread he is known as Mark Anthony.

Following the thread I'm beginning to have some people whose opinions I value.

Here is my recent take away from maestro Tony Herbosa
1. Stop listening to anyone who has never made any serious wealth himself but are just managing other people's money.
2. Don't let fund manager's touch your money.
3. Develop your own trading instincts and embrace chaos. Be the Pilot instead of flying auto pilot all the time.
4. Bagger moves! (I'm still trying hard to learn this one, actually still trying hard to learn everything)

Monday, May 19, 2014

First Blood

It was not today. I've had my COL account for more or less three years now, and since it's just sleeping I awakened it by adding a little extra buying power.

I still have a lot to learn about the Fundamental and Technical Analysis. Too bad my COL chart doesn't show on my screen. My laptop keeps telling me I need to update my java but whenever I click to do so, it won't let it. So I'm stuck with numbers. Even the ticker doesn't show. The good thing is that our TAP facebook page is so alive that I can ask for a spot price anytime. I don't do it though because somebody else does and the PSE website's ticker has information.

Today, I sold 200 shares of Double Dragon at Php1.60 profit per share. It wasn't so much. I also bought COAL Mining, at 1.60 per share, but I also exited at the same price. Looks easy but emotionally difficult. I need to control my emotions and greed when I do this.

At the moment I'm still learning my own curves. I'll just keep going.


Traders Apprentice

Photo courtesy of TAP FB Thread. Posted by Tony Herbosa
with our Eve as baby Dragon in the making
It was in the morning of May 10, at 7:30 am I was waiting for my husband to come home from work and be on our way to Makati to attend our long awaited 1pm Overview Seminar on Stocks Trading. We've registered for it a month prior to that and finally my husband got the opportunity to be trained by mentors that had just simply walked the talk.

It was important to me because in the past, whenever I register myself for seminars like these, I am the only one present in our companionship. It was because my husband's work schedule will not let him.This time, he was with me, and so is our baby Eve. We have to take her with us because of breastfeeding issue. Gladly, my husband was on it while we were there at the seminar. He was even taking notes I like the people we are with during that time. It opened both our eyes to all these wonderful possibilities about making money work in the stock market.

Being a stay at home mom, I can't remember when I was able to join this Facebook group Trader's Apprentice Pilipinas. I guess it was on some nights when I was still awake waiting for my husband to come home. I was looking for some kind of group that will help me know what I've been wanting to know, and teach me how, all along that can give me satisfactory result. It was not just a chatting around textbook preaching seminar on stock market trading and investments. It was the real thing.

My new year's resolution has just begun. Since my COL account has just been sleeping, I started pumping it up again on Monday last. Sell a little here, buy a little there, till I get the hang of it and to also to get the feel of the market. I don't know everything yet, but I am learning as I go along in this wealth creation journey.

The Mentor's were Roy Reyes, Atty. Christian Del Rosario, Nikki Yu, and Tony Herbosa, . As you know this blog has been going on a few years now, has slept for some time and been revived for some time. This time I'd like to make it as a keep notes of my take aways and experiences. As they say, "Tuloy Po Kayo, Welcome to TAP!