My Cheese Keeps Moving

Hi! I'm Edellen Nonescan - Reyes. I was born in Manila, grew up in Iloilo, Lived in Cebu, and am now living in Pampanga, in which all the places mentioned belongs to the beautiful archipelago in the Southeast of Asia, the Philippines.

My husband, Paul works at a BPO industry on a shifting schedule as a trainer for their company's new hire.

Our son Eli, works on trying to learn how to walk as he is only 1 year old, and I work from home.

We are a Latter-Day Saint Family, not claiming to be perfect but we try as much as possible to live our faith and are willing to teach them also to our growing family. We know that our family can be together forever.

Aside from being a mom and working from home, I am an advocate of Savings and Investment. I created this blog as I'd like to do some paying forward to whoever will come across this blog.

I say come across because I don't consider myself to be that popular, hehe.. At this point I only have one follower for now which I doubt even reads my posts.

I maybe an LDS or what people term as a Mormon. But I'm not just all about the churchy, touchy-feely stuff.Our church encourages us to "seek learning, even by study and also by faith" (D&C 88:188)

That being said, I confess that I as much as I'm interested about things that pertains to the welfare of my soul, I am also much interest in temporal matters such as how to increase my cash flow or how to create multiple income streams, that even if I stop working tomorrow my needs and wants can still be sustained until I die.

Other people who have not yet reached to that level may say "well, that's impossible!" but this is what I know I want to do now. It has been proven to me by the people that I look up to: "To be wealthy is hard, but to stay wealthy is harder!"

Let me tell you a story. I was in grade school when my grandfather showed me an article in the Reader's Digest magazine. It was entitles "A Gift That Never Stops Giving," when I read the article I'm surprised to find out that the author was referring to giving a gift of Stocks Certificate to his son. Because stock certificates double and even triple in value as time moves forward, plus dividends are also distributed depending on the company that you buy. It never stops giving! My grandfather tried to explain to me how it all works but at that point in time, my young mind just wants to play outside more than listen to what my grandpa would say.

Grandpa was my rich dad, it was from him when I first heard the term "At first you work for money, later on make money work for you," he said this to me at one of our noontime conversations, even before I met Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Sorry if I get too personal but I like my grandfather so much. I liked the way he talks to me about money better than I like hearing my parents talk about money as if it's always a problem. So there goes my rich dad and poor dad moment. My grandpa and my parents each have a different perspective on money. I like my grandpa's ideas better.

I was in high school when he bought me my first stock certificate from San Miguel Corporation, a prestigious company here in the Philippines. It was only two years ago when I sold my first share which earned me 40% higher that its value when it was first bought.

My second shares were from Bank of the Philippine Islands, another prestigious bank here in our country. I still have it and am now in the process of changing the name from my maiden name to my married name, so... there is some work to do. With that, I have a strange feeling deep inside me to want to learn more of it.

After serving a voluntary service for our church, I took different jobs. I was a corporate slave. Low income, so much to do... I would resign and take a different job every time I see opportunities to increase my income in another workplace.

So, it was until back in 2008 I was introduced to the company called the International Marketing Group. I was so happy to find out that there are companies that cater to help people and individual learn about personal finance, insurance and investments. I attended some of their lecture and joined with them so I can get to learn more.

I attended other Educational Institutions as well. One of them is the Academy for Creating Enterprise in Cebu. They taught me a lot about Entrepreneurship.

After I married, I still kept on working for others or better put working for money. Of course it's what we need to survive so we can buy our needs until I became pregnant.

My first trimester of pregnancy has been hard on me. So I told my husband that I am going to quit my job in the meantime not knowing what to do next. Being in the house was a bore, after getting over my morning sickness. There's only one definite thing in my mind. It’s that I want to keep earning whenever and wherever I may be. So I told my husband that we get an internet connection so I can apply for online jobs and earn while I just stay home.

For my first job online, I became an ghost writer. At first my earnings were so little, but later on compensations went higher as I was able to get different clients for different projects. I was a freelance and I enjoy it. There there's still more that I want to explore. When I found out that I can buy and sell stocks online, I invested some of my earnings.

Now, I'm still trying to learn more. Once in a while I'd go to Manila to attend seminars that will equip me with technical knowledge needed in order to invest. It's really challenging to apply the things I learn, but seeing the results makes it worthwhile.

Moreover, I thank the Lord for the abundance he provides this earth as he has said in the Doctrine and Covenants: "for the earth is full, and there is enough and to spare. (D&C 104:17)

My life is a test and experiment and I intend to jot down the things I learn and experience here as I journey on my way to Financial Independence.

So there you go… Learn with me, or learn from me :-)