Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Need to Re-group

The few weeks has been up and down and while I'm happy with what I do as a person who tries to practice the law of least effort. It really will not be the least effort yet unless I really learn the discipline to do so. 

This is my re-think Strategy:
I decided to stop tsupita play for a while since I always get burned the few times I tried it. Sandali lang ito, babalik at sasabak din ako ulit. This is because I do not just want to follow the herd for the stocks I want to make money out of. I know I've attended the FA and TA analysis class already but just recently I realized, I've never really learned anything because back then I was only doing the Peso Cost Averaging strategy so I didn't really bother to ingrain the things taught in my head. 

Anyway, I've been a little loud I know, and I have to stop it and really try to focus so I can listen to my inner voice and discipline myself by reading charts before making a trade so I do not just gamble. For now, I parked my money in my long term stock like $HOUSE and $MARC. Also planning to acquire $MEG again and do some volume play. Why did I ever let her go? Hoping for a substantial consolidation period from the market so I can build my base really low there, just like setting my $HOUSE on a strong foundation. haha.

But hope is NOT a strategy, so I am once again... and I am doing this right now, emptying my cup and re-learning everything there is to know about the technical analysis of stocks. I have been blessed, that throughout this process I have gotten some help from new friends that I got from TAP and other stock market FB groups. We'd message each other back and forth, and exchange ideas and sometimes I participate in the group discussion. In this case, NOT knowing what I'm doing is a gamble, but once I have learned and know and understand what I'm doing, it will turn to be a discipline. I won't be just gambling anymore. Sabi ni Aya Laraya, "aral muna bago invest," sabi ko "mag aaral ako habang nag i-invest" hehehe.

 Thus, my First TA post was born. it was about the CCI indicator posted two days ago. I will post some more later on since I am making this blog as my journal in trading. Of course I will not share everything or maybe I will. I thought nobody would really care to read this blog but it turns out that I've had numbers of readers over the past few months and days without even opening and checking on the blogs I made.

If I share it's ok, If I don't it should also be fine. This blog is not even a business entity nor a reco to buy or sell shares. What I post here are just simply and purely my ideas that I'd have already executed and others I would still like to execute. If they work, then bingo! If it helps anyone whoever comes across this blog. then fine, if it doesn't, totally fine DO NOT BLAME ME. What I'm doing is just simply reporting my progress through this.

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