Sunday, September 7, 2014

Yesterday Was a Good Day!

Saturday... I went to another TAP class and it was one of the best days, I said one of the best because another best one is yet about to come. Sooner or later. It was an enlightening 7 and a half hours of the day, for un-learning, learning and re-discovering.

Let me share something I learned last Friday though. This is the result after a days tiring effort to try and learn trading techniques and graph reading I ventured into listening into some relaxing details. The are my take aways from  Patrick Stockhausen.

1. Define your spiritual purpose
You cannot have  religious cause without a financial cause. They are synergistically put together

2. Your identity.

3. What are your top five value? Most people think they have a value on money but they don't. They only have a value on what they can do with the money.

4. Beliefs on money. There are people who thinks the rich people are bad and that poor people are good. As per sir Tony Herbosa, "Those who use to tell you that you can never have enough money be rich are usually the people who have never had any serious wealth."

5. What you believe is possible in the world.

6. Have a high sense of self worth. What you believe you deserve. Have a sense of self worth and net
worth is related. What's more important to you and you do that.

7. Belief on your capability.

8. Master your emotional state what you focus on. You act according to what you feel. Master your emotions.

9. Your goals, Asset allocation, Reinvestment strategy. immediate gratification cost you money, long term vision makes you money. timing the market, does to make you money than time in the market

10. Create Your predictable income. do not have to have a business in order to be wealthy. You just have to have a predictable source of income. Let your money make more money. PAY YOURSELF FIRST

11. Wealth building and planning process.

12 Your team, your members, you mentors. Who you hang out with is who you will become. Make sure you have the right mentor.

Have the reason first will make you do things consistently the things at the bottom. That's why you need to start from the top.

Today is my birthday, so it's another day 1 of the next 365 days ahead after the next day 1.

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