Friday, January 3, 2014

Dear Mister Kiyosaki,

Dear Mister Kiyosaki,

You've written such a great book about financial literacy and entrepreneurship and I admire you for that since Financial literacy is not taught so much in schools and parents rarely discuss about finances at home with their kids, thus many are uneducated about money in that sense; But it really drives me nuts whenever you or somebody else would quote the part where you said:

Over the last couple weeks, all across our country, school has been starting for American youths. The start of school is a hectic and exciting time for parents, and a proud one. All good parents want to give their children an advantage in life, and the conventional wisdom is that doing well in school is one of the best advantages you can give a child.

Rarely, however, do we stop and ask, "Why?"

What are our schools teaching our kids? Is it really the information they need to succeed in life? Are they being taught to think for themselves and to solve problems? Or are they being taught to take orders and follow rules? Will they really have an advantage in life? ( and then you go on inviting people to read you blog)

The downside I see about it is that, yes you did quote that going to school will not make you rich, and to some other people like yourself it may be true, but to others it isn't. The sad part is, most people only get the part where the emphasis of not going to school is being mentioned. They did not get the other part as you explained that there is another education someone has to take besides the academics, and that is financial education.

Instead of discouraging parents in sending their kids to school, why don't you just encourage them to inject Financial Education at home, on top of their academic subjects? Instead of discouraging your readers to go to school and get an education, why don't you just try to make a movement that will encourage schools to add Financial Literacy as a part of their curriculum in class? For sure there are a lot of kids out there who only knows how to ask and spend the money that their parents are making, whether from business or from they salary from employment.

Mister Kiyosaki, not every person who quits school are always successful like you Sir. There are some people who needs to invest more on themselves and that will need the aid of getting good education that the school can offer. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur, each individual has different skills and while not everyone can earn so much money like you do, they can still save so much money and reaching their dreams by getting themselves educated financially.

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