Monday, June 10, 2013

Mighty Change of Mind: A Personal Finance Paradigm Shift

This may be a late update but, I just want to jot down the success of our Saturday's activity, June 9, 2013:
Our guest speaker being Mr. Tom Tandog, an Associate Financial Planner and Senor Marketing Director for IMG - Wealth Academy. Part of the lecture was also conducted by Bong Sanchez, President for The Academy for Creating Enterprise, Angeles Stake Chapter. 

From there, we learn about how to change our mindset about money. Now, why is this important? It is because many people though that getting rich can only happen if you get to be lucky in terms of heirloom or hitting a lottery jackpot, other think its investing but they don't know how and where to invest their money. This often leads to being scammed. During the said event we were taught the right way of budgeting which leads to proper saving and investing of our money in legal entities that can guarantee us our return on investments. 

The program was also in line with the letter of the First Presidency for this year, regarding sound investments:

Everything in the announcement agenda has been covered during the seminar, including some introductions to legal publicly listed investments such as bonds, mutual funds, insurances and stocks. What a great way to be taught and refreshed on what were suppose to do in order to achieve self sufficiency and reliance the way our Father in Heaven wants us be. It's one of the ways to build Zion.

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