Thursday, January 26, 2012


Have you ever wondered what the rich know that the poor people don't? Or what is the secret to being rich? 


To be rich you just have to keep things simple. It is a matter of learning where to put your hard earned money into. Many people nowadays are aware that they do need Financial Education but they know not where to find it. The reason is because they are wrongly trained at home. 

I was watching this show on TV called The Most Outrageous Kids Party on TLC channel, where a mom from Utah, celebrated her little girl's birthday way out of budget, with costumes, cakes and everything including the gifts. One scene that caught my attention is this: While the dad was trying to dress up for his kid's costume party, he said in a somewhat hesitant sad tone "The things I do for my kid...." not knowing that it was his wife's idea to throw a big party that cost more that what he will be earning in the next three months. This made me feel so sorry for the husband.

As much as parents wants to give everything that is best for their kids sometimes they go overboard buying stuff that are already out of their budget, and worse the one that gets them into unnecessary debt. Sometimes it's our own wants what lead us to buying such things. Our keeping up with the Jones's attitude, not knowing that the Jones's are also keeping up with the Smith's and so on and so forth without knowing that whoever they're keeping up with are also struggling with their own personal finances.

That is why only 5% of the world's population are considered the minority. While the 95% are the ones that thinks the minority are the only ones that have the right to be rich.What people don't know is that we all have the right to be rich, and it doesn't take a genius. All it takes are simple baby steps like the one shown on this video:


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