Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not In Our School Curriculum

When I was young, my grade school adviser would sometimes lecture us  the importance of studying well. She mentioned that we need academic education so that later in life after graduating college I can be able to land a good job that will pay me well. She was right, but she was not able to deliver what I want in life and that is financial freedom.

It often makes me wonder how the rich live. How it would feel like to not ever able to work for money. As I grew up, things begin to change a bit for me. I'm still not there yet but the things I learned from school still aren't any bad at all. 

In addition, there are now two kinds of education that we can do in order to succeed in life. 

First is to learn the importance of Personal Finance. Finance may be a subject in colleges and universities but Personal Finance isn't. The sad thing is, many people want to be successful financially but  they do not want to invest time to educate themselves about it. The solution is to learn of Personal Finance in theory and in technical. They are what I have  NOT learned in school and most families DON'T talk about. At home all I hear from my parents when I was growing up is how hard it is to earn, thanks to my grandfather, (may he rest in peace) he taught me at the same time that money can work for me, instead of me working for it. Starting from saving to emergency funds, entrepreneurship and investments.

Second, learn that Academic Education is important as well. Academic Education may or may not bring you too much money, but mostly will lead you to the latter part. I later learned in life that the main reason why we still need Academic Education is so we can get the DISCIPLINE that the school provides. Second reason is is the technical aspect learning to professionally do what you love to do, whether it be vocational or a complete college curriculum.

So which of the choices above is better? You decide!

I'm grateful for the opportunity of learning from good mentors other than my family members. I realize that anyone can achieve anything want in life. The only limit is... one's imagination.

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