Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Successful Trading

It's June and in the past month till now, news about the Philippine economy is that the market will experience correction and the week after press releases say our market is experiencing a shallow correction. Well at this point in time, some stocks have already recovered and some are just beginning to correct.

There has been many opinions form in our TAP thread. While some are making money doing day and position trades, others are losing money doing just the same. Others lose money as they keep getting in and out of the stock they are betting on.

When I was just an investor (blue chip stocks), I have made money in the past and lost it as well because I do not know how to take or lock in profit. All I know then was I'm in for the long term anyway, so when I have money I would invest in some of my picked stocks not caring whether the market rises or falls.

But it wasn't what I really wanted. I actually want to know how to make money in stocks. When I started trading this year in May, I kept having losses, because I was cutting losses but every time I do, the following day the stocks goes up at a good price where I could have made money if i didn't sell the day before haha..

I could say my losses weren't as much, but  it is a lot already for a person who can barely make a minimum wage meet. These are were my learning moments. Because while I'm at it, I also keep reading from the thread post and learning from the books I read and and from the news about the companies that my stocks are all about. I just simple learn after I do. I could simply recognize the dots to connect, the one I learned from COL seminar that THE MARKET DISCOUNTS EVERYTHING.

Despite these losses, I am glad to go through this soon enough while I'm at the beginning of my trading career. I enjoy reading our TAP threads and get real insights from people who are real in their trading game. Sabi nga ng isa naming kasamahan dun:

"to be a successful trader, you need to experience pain/depression/anxiety. hindi lang nag-seminar ka, magaling ka na. o nagbasa ng libro. kelangan mong dumaan na ma-whipsaw, ma-ipit, ma-sunog. to the point na ayaw mo nang mag-stock market"

And then I will continue to trade.

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