Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What's going on Pinoys?

It's been a while I haven't blogged. I guess my excuse is just being busy about being busy. Anyway, a lot of things has happened in the course of the few days. One of the hot topics all over the place is the recent Election 2013 for the Philippines. This is where the people of the republic have the power and are privileged to choose the leaders that will help run this beloved country of ours. 

But just watching and keeping up with the news since last night. It is somewhat devastating. Months before the 2013 Philippine election I've already seen all sorts of endorsements everywhere. From wall posts, to jingle campaigns, and online on social media.

Being a person who likes to look into the social media and the internet for all sorts of stuffs. I can see who among the senatorial candidate is the most disliked, for a lot reason. Now that the election is over and the counting of votes is on the process. Looking at my Facebook page, I can see clearly the disgust of my thinking class friends. It goes from wall post, after wall post, after wall post. People that are running for office are making their ranks in the polls according to the news.

Many are devastated that after all their campaign to inform the public to vote wisely and choose a candidate that suits best in the public office; it seems that it wasn't heard by the majority of the people at all! Could it be that some of our fellowmen intentionally wanted them there? or could it be that once again their votes were bought. It is not a wonder anymore why the Philippines is one of the most corrupt country, in Asia. It is a sad thing. 

It has always been a long time warning:

Hwag ipaglibili ang boto!
Think and Vote wisely!

I was happy that before the said election yesterday, It was pronounced over and over again. On tv, on the radio, newspapers, and in social media. It has been shared, twitted, and re-twitted over and over again. In many different ways,  Coming from the country's leaders, celebrity endorsers, by our friends and even our next of kin. But what happens after? Galit nanaman ang thinking class and those who were able to receive money out of it are just getting their days food and, the next days... who knows they may be back to poverty again. Above all this, we still wonder why the economy is bad. Why are we all still in poverty? Sickening isn't it? 

Amidst all these, I still feel hope. It's because there is still the thinking public. It's not a matter who is rich and isn't anymore. I'm grateful for those who were on the look out for their fellowmen. It doesn't take an election candidate to do that. In their own way, sharing such important information about individuals who did run for office played a big part as to who should and  shouldn't be in the public office. It's just sad that those we don't want there are soon to be secured in their place.

I just hope that in the next coming elections, three years more and so on, will be different. Unless we make changes amongst ourselves, then we can truly say that we don't deserve who and what we did and didn't vote for. It's time we put our hearts and principles to where our mouths are. 

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  1. well said. you are not alone, i maybe miles away from my ancestral crib but my heart is bleeding over and over again. we have the most sexiest archipelago in the world, filled with astonishing beaches and preserved rain forest yet we are so lost as a nation. peace and prosperity is always been a dream never fulfilled, while on the other hand corruption and tyranny served as a regular meal in McDonald each day. Once again those who doesn't deserve to sit in the throne of Caesar with all the deception and malice only evil can spawn. I rest my soul and continue of hope for my mother land to rise above the clouds and feel the light of the sun again..